A Life of Rules

Meet Barnaby

Barnaby is just like you and me.

Barnaby is an American citizen who abides by

Federal Laws

Federal laws have created a large number of criminal offenses. How large a number? That is impossible to say. When the Congressional Research Service investigated the number of federal criminal offenses, they determined that it was impossible to answer the question because the laws were such a mess.

Barnaby was born and raised in Texas so he's responsible for knowing his

State Laws

To find and accurately interpret Texas laws, Barnaby would need to visit at least 5 different websites.

Barnaby currently resides in Austin, TX so he also has to adhere to

Local Laws

The City of Austin regularly passes new ordinances; however, they are only added to the City Code about once a year.

Barnaby is a licensed doctor and must adhere to

The American Medical Association's (AMA) Code of Ethics

Barnaby can purchase a copy of the AMA's Code of Medical Ethics for $60.
AMA's Code of Medical Ethics is spread across 226 web pages.

Barnaby is a vegan and observes

Special Dietary Guidelines

Being a vegan, Barnaby must not only follow dietary guidelines but also a set of practices and habits associated with veganism.

Barnaby is a NASCAR fan and has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a copy of

The Rules of NASCAR

The rules of NASCAR races are tightly guarded by the sport and are not available to the public.

Barnaby is a devout Catholic and observes

The Rules and Traditions of the Catholic Church

In order to get married in the Catholic Church, the bride and groom must be baptized Christians. Barnaby married his high school sweetheart, Jane, in his boyhood church.

Meet Rulebase

Rulebase is creating a comprehensive collection of rules.